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Wedding Day Make Up Tips

Now that the date is set, all of your vendors are booked and you said "Yes" to the dress, it's time to start working on the minor details. An important part of your complete wedding day look is your make up. Below are some tips for creating the perfect look on your wedding day.

For the Bride:

-Start with facials or any manipulation/injectable well in advance of wedding

-Pick colors that you like and reflect who you are

-Hire a professional MUA, The pictures last forever

-Get a makeup test with your favorite brand or artist before the big day. This eliminates the anxiety you may have on the day of

-Lean into looking like a better version of yourself. Think timeless NOT trendy 

-Have your makeup done first as it takes the longest 

-Avoid powder where possible and seal with a setting spray 

-#hydrate with a good sheet mask and cream the day before

-Don't try any new products or diets less than a week out

-Most importantly pick your wedding lipstick prior as touch ups are important, especially if your makeup artist isn't with you all day. A good artist usually gifts you one! 

-Have your maid of honor by your side the day of.This is usually the person you trust the most with putting out fires and keeping you calm. She knows you best!

-Remember that the final look is your preference or at the direction of the artist. Find an artist that you trust!

For the Bridesmaid: -Get your makeup done prior if you want to be specific about how it looks  -Be courteous and don't ask for something outside of the approved look. It is not your day!

-Be on time, face washed, moisturized and ready to go. -If you have allergies communicate that prior to or, bring your own products that works for you within the scope of the look. If you don't have it, buy it. However, most makeup artists can accommodate anything with advanced notice.

-If you are not happy with your makeup wait until the end when everyone is already made up to say some thing to the artist. -Make sure you take off all your eye makeup from the night before. The artist does not want to, or have the time to clean your face -Do not change your makeup once its done. It is impolite and the bride picked the looks prior to her wedding day

Remember to enjoy the day and take it all in because it goes fast!

-Cherie Fletcher

Skin in the Big City



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