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LiveBand or DJ ?

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

To begin with, a Live Band elevates your event. There is just something a little more classy to walking into a room filled with live music vs recorded music. It's visual, vibrant and more artistic. Picture a mini concert filled with choreography, crowd interaction and a beautiful composition of live musicians. With a Live Band, you not only get to rock out to your favorite songs, you have the human interaction and an in-your face experience of your favorite tunes. 

While there are really no cons to a Live Band, the only drawback may be that the catalog of music may not be as extensive and vast as it is humanly impossible to play and sing 1000 songs in just one click. That being said, any professional band can learn your favorite songs per request prior to your special event.

A DJ can play anything as your favorite song is just one click away. You can enjoy your favorite tunes just as you like it, sung by your favorite artists. However, that is it! There is no human interaction, no live concert and no visual. You get to stare at a DJ behind a booth for the next 4 hours. While this is usually the cheaper alternative, why not go all out for your special day.

A Live Band versus a DJ depends on preference and budget. If you have an appreciation for performance art, love the idea of having a mini concert at your event and your budget allows for it, then a Live Band is the best choice for you. If you are not really particular on having a visual behind the music, prefer to hear your favorite tunes sung by your favorite artists and are looking for the cheaper alternative, then a DJ is the best choice for you. Either way, having music at your event is a priority.

Very rarely will you find a band that can provide both services. With The Jam Band, you get a Live Band and a DJ, creating seamless, uninterrupted entertainment from start to finish. Not only will you have the visual behind the music and an in-your-face experience, you will also get an endless catalog of music in just one click. The DJ also mixes and scratches in between the Live Band, giving you a one of a kind and unique experience your guests will surely talk about years from now.


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